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10 Fun Things I Can Do With A New Lenovo Laptop

dnimitz Monday, December 13, 2010 , ,
What's your dream gift this Christmas season? If you'll ask me, I want a brand new laptop. And not just an ordinary laptop, I want a Lenovo laptop! If you'll ask me again, why Lenovo? I have so many reasons that it may take a while to write. But in order to give you a preview, I will post the top ten fun things I can do with a new Lenovo laptop.

1. I can play my favorite games like Crysis, Assassin's Creed, and Fallout New Vegas without any problem. Thanks to its powerful dedicated video card.

2. Using a new Lenovo laptop makes editing pictures using Photoshop CS5 fast and easy. Faster computing power means a higher level of satisfaction.

3. I can watch HD movies with Lenovo's crisp and sharp widescreen monitor.

4. Listening music using a laptop? Why not? Lenovo's powerful stereo speaker makes it possible.

5. Connecting to the internet is as easy as pressing a button with Lenovo's Wi-Fi capability. Now, I can bring my laptop anywhere I go.

6. Lenovo's strategically designed keyboard makes it fun and easy to write a blog like this.

7. Who would not want to see their face clearly during a video call? With Lenovo's integrated webcam, watching your self on the screen is so cool.

8. Want a fun way to log in to your PC? Use Lenovo's VeriFace face recognition and logging in will be as cool as those we see on Hollywood movies.

9. Using a Lenovo laptop for longer hours without fully draining its battery juice? Now, that's what you call longer hours of fun.

10. Lastly, simply look at a Lenovo laptop from all angles. Feel the texture and gaze at the sleek design. Isn't that what you call a masterpiece? Just the thought of possessing a Lenovo laptop brings up unimaginable fun.

This is my official entry for Lenovo-YugaTech Laptop Giveaway. If you want to join this contest you can check it here.


Mommy Rubz said...

Good luck on your entry! ^_^

By the way, if your interested, may I invite you to join my giveaway too? Nothing biggie but hope you could join. Thanks!!


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