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uTorrent - Free And Light Torrent Client

dnimitz Friday, December 10, 2010 , ,
A computer with an internet connection would not be complete without a dedicated torrent client for your downloading task. You can choose among different torrent clients available like Miro, Vuze, and BitComet. But those clients stated above comes with extra features which made them bulky. Here's their approximate file size Miro (37.8MB), Vuze (8MB), and BitComet (7.6MB). If you are looking for a plain torrent client that's light, efficient, and easy to use, then try uTorrent.

uTorrent's file size is approximately 0.4MB only! This tiny client is enough for your torrenting needs and it also comes with torrent search bar for finding available torrents and RSS-feed manager that will automatically download files as they publish.

Adding, starting, pausing, and sorting torrents is very simple using uTorrent. With its clean and intuitive interface users will grasp it easily. What more can you ask? Simplicity, reliability, and efficiency made uTorrent a key player in torrenting world.

You can visit uTorrent's website at or click here to download uTorrent.


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