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IOBit Smart Defrag - Free Windows Defrag Replacement

dnimitz Wednesday, December 8, 2010 , ,
Fragmentation in our computers occurs when data is broken up into discontinues pieces. That scattered data causes a slower computing time because it requires accessing a data into multiple data addresses. Let's take this example as an analogy, I need to read books  in the library about electronics. But after going to the bookshelf where electronics books are located I've found out that some books are missing. Since I really
need those books I started scanning other shelves until I found what I needed. The moral of the story is if in the first place those missing books were placed in their proper shelf then I won't spend much time looking for them.

That's the same situation for data stored in the hardisk of our computers. Every time we use our computers, datas are constantly being accessed. Constant access causes the datas to be scattered or also known as fragmented files. But Windows has a built-in utility that is called a defragger for solving that problem.

You might ask, if Windows has a built-in defragger already then why bother using another defragger? My answer is simple, IOBit Smart Defrag is way much faster! It's a very useful utility software that after using it I never used Windows built-in defragger again.

IOBit Smart Defrag has this feature that it automatically defrags in the background while doing your usual task without slowing down your computer. When running in the background it only uses up about 14MB of RAM. That's a very little amount of RAM that even old computers can use this program easily. You also have the option to turn it off if you want.

Using IOBit Smart Defrag it is possible to use quick analysis and scans to analyze the status of your hardisk, then you can choose between a deep defragging or a less time-consuming one.

IOBit Smart Defrag has a scheduler that is very useful for people with multiple computers. Now you don't need to worry about your maintenance schedule. And above all this program is absolutely free!

Visit their website at and donwload IOBit Smart Defrag for free.


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