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Avast Free Antivirus - Best Free Antivirus

dnimitz Monday, December 6, 2010 , ,
I first encountered Avast Free Antivirus around year 2005 when I got my first computer. As I can remember it was the avast! 4.6 edition. During that time I don't have a comparison yet between other free antivirus so I decided to try other products. I picked a famous free antivirus from AVG then tried it for a month. But I was not satisfied so I switched back to Avast again. Then another popular free antivirus named Avira gets my attention, I tried it and somehow liked its interface. But later I got bored with it because it seems it's not doing
well with what it is supposed to do. I don't know if this also happens to other users but my computer works faster when I'm using avast compared to other antivirus mentioned above.

So until now I've been using Avast Free Antivirus for my daily computing needs. I'm currently using avast! 5.0 edition and I'm very much satisfied. What I like most with the current version is that it has real-time shields for File System, Mail, Web, P2P, IM, Network, and Behavior. It also comes with a robust set of tools, antivirus, antispyware, antirootkit, and heuristic-based detection. A very impressive features for a free antivirus.

You can visit their website at to see their other products or download Avast Free Antivirus.


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